New Patients

Thank you for choosing Growing Grins as your child’s dental home, where we always provide a comfortable, caring environment so our patients and their families can feel at ease.  We’ve included helpful items on this page to ensure you and your child’s first trip to our office is productive, stress-free, and enjoyable.

Mission Statement

Our number one objective is to provide a comfortable, relaxed, and fun environment where kids enjoy coming to the dentist.

Patient Forms

Please print and fill out these forms so we can expedite your first visit:

In order to view or print these forms you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. Click here to download it.

What Age to Bring Your Child

We are different from other pediatric dental offices by educating not only the child, but also the parents! The first visit should be scheduled around the child’s first b-day. Providing helpful information and tips on preventative measures and nutrition causation/correlation factors, gives parents the full ammunition to aid in dramatically affecting your child’s oral health now and for years to come!

Preparing For The First Visit

Everyone can help make your child’s first visit enjoyable. Parents may prepare your child by discussing in positive words, about what will happen at the dentist. PLAY DENTIST!  For example brushing their teeth to make them shiny, the tickling toothbrush, and a fun surprise from the treasure box for boys/girls that have clean teeth. Try to avoid using words that may bring about fear/anxiety such as needle, shot, hurt, or drill. Rephrase sentences that state the dentist will not hurt you, but rather the dentist is very gentle!

What can I expect at the first visit?

           Your child’s first visit is just as important for you as for them.  A full examination of your child’s teeth including habits, bite, hygiene, and prevention methods will be assessed.  A lap exam may be required where your child faces you and straddles your lap and is then laid back into the assistant or Doctor’s lap for better accessibility.  Your child’s teeth will be cleaned and a protectant fluoride will be applied.  In the even your child does not do well with our tickle toothbrush, we will make every attempt to make their visit and future visits successful by using a regular toothbrush.  

           Depending on the age of your child, x-rays maybe be necessary. Also, please note X-rays to detect cavities are taken yearly unless other circumstances are present. Due to our standard of care if you request x-rays not to be taken we will only postpone them for 2 years.

           Every child experiences situations and expresses themselves differently.  Don’t be upset if your child cries.  Crying is a common response to being fearful of new and strange surroundings.  For our over 3 year old patients, we welcome you to be present at the exam to acknowledge questions or concerns.  However we would recommend, to help the patient gain confidence with us, for parents to remain in the waiting area.  If you choose to accompany your child during their treatment, for their security and the protection of other patients, we advise all other children not receiving treatment to be supervised by a responsible adult in the waiting area.

Driving Directions

  • NE corner of Chandler Heights and Higley behind Walgreens (Gilbert Location)
  • SE corner of Guadalupe and Ellsworth (For Mesa Location)

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